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      Save Our Beautiful Planet — Eco-friendly

      Benefits of Soy Wax Candle

      Benefits of Soy Wax Candle

      The Benefits of Soy Wax Candle

      When you shop for candles, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different sizes, fragrances, and types to suit your needs. Unknown to most people, most burning candles are made with paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum with the potential to release a type of toxic chemical called toluene. This chemical from burning candles made with paraffin wax can cause irritation to the eye, skin, and lungs when expose for long periods of time. 

      When shopping for candles, a healthier alternative to paraffin wax can be soy wax, which is made with vegetable soybean to ensure that your candle is vegan, all-natural, and better for you and the environment. Below are some benefits to soy wax candle and why you should always choose them over paraffin-made burning candles. 


      Less Smoke

      Soy wax candles emit less smoke when burned, which are beneficial to individuals, the elderly, or children who are sensitive to smoke. Less smoke during burning also means nearby furnitures and the ceiling won’t be affected by soot stains. 


      Longer Lasting

      Soy wax candles are known to burn slower and give off a stronger fragrance due to its lower melting point. This gives the candle more burning time with a longer lasting scent than paraffin wax, which burns faster and takes much more scented additives to emit fragrance. 


      Vegan and Natural

      Soy wax is made with vegetable soybean, which means they’re vegan and a natural alternative to paraffin wax. Soybeans are grown and harvested in massive amounts, meaning that they’re highly accessible and can be used without having to worry about polluting the environment with it being 100% biodegradable.


      Supports Local American Farmers

      The USA is the leading global producer of soybean and buying anything that are made with soybean as an ingredient likely means you’re supporting American farmers. Instead of buying paraffin wax candles which could be made from other countries, the healthier and more natural soy wax is a great way to support local farmers. 


      Our Sweet Heart Bowl Candle

      At Nine Element, our newest Sweet Heart Bowl Candle and the Carved Bowl Scented Candle are made with 100% soy wax with no other harmful ingredients. Each wooden heart-shaped bowl is individually hand-carved by a skilled artisan, giving every buyer of this decor their very own unique candle bowl. 

      The soy wax itself comes in two pleasant and natural fragrances: Earth Garden and Sweet Tobacco. We use natural essential oils to produce our soy wax candles for you to enjoy the beauty of candle burning without having to worry about harmful and toxic ingredients. 


      Is Remote Work Eco-Friendly?

      Is Remote Work Eco-Friendly?

      Remote Work Environmental Benefits 

      With the pandemic introduced to the world in the beginning of 2020, many employees are required to transition to the work-from-home environment to reduce the likelihood of spreading the virus. 

      For many Americans, working from home is a new experience and has offered many great benefits. Some of these benefits include an improved work-life balance, a comfortable environment for increased work efficiency, and having the ability to be consumed with more things in life outside of work.

      While these benefits are a big win for many individuals in the ongoing pandemic era, the world is also seeing improved environmental benefits as a result of the work-from-home phenomenon. If you noticed that your life and the life of those around you have improved from this change of work environment, then rest assured that you are also indirectly contributing to a better environment. Here are some bigger-than-oneself benefits of working from home:


      Decreased Emissions 

      Commuting has seen a drastic reduction with companies now requiring their employees to work from home. Workers are able to use their vehicles less and transfer their commute time (average ~30 minute one-way) for use in their home office. With reduced numbers of vehicles on the road, it becomes a 3-way win for the individual who desires work-life balance, the company who can pride itself as eco-friendly, and the environment for having reduced pollutions. 


      Reduced Plastic Usage

      Being in the office means using more plastic for a variety of disposable items like cups, lids, and straws in the pantry. Working from home takes away the need for these disposables, as well as reducing the likelihood of an individual intentionally going out to get coffee at a cafe where plastic is used on most menu items. To practice being eco-friendly at home, the easiest way is to use reusable items made from sustainable materials (non-plastic) to reduce unnecessary waste. In particular to enjoying coffee at home in the greenest way possible, we wrote a how-to in a previous blog post which you can read here to learn more. 


      Reduced Power Consumption

      With many offices now vacant and some even fully transitioned to a work-from-home company, power consumption have also reduced due to remote working. The decreased electricity usage in offices might mean an increase of such in the home setting, but that issue could also be addressed by developing eco-friendly habits to have lights switched off when not in use. 


      More Eco-Friendly Opportunities 

      With the convenience of being at home for most of the time, individuals who work remote might find themselves with more opportunities to develop eco-friendly habits. For those with access to a backyard, that might mean being able to grow food instead of purchasing from the market — which often contains more pesticide and are less fresh when compared to the harvests from backyard gardens. Being at home also means developing healthier diets, given that there are more opportunities now than the limited options (often fast-food) that were available near office proximity. 

      With more time spent at home, most people will try to set up a surrounding that is comfortable in order to work longer and more efficiently. That might mean having suitable home decors that enhances the atmosphere and offers practical usability to create an environment that surpasses the comfort of that in the actual office setting. 

      At Nine Element, we offer a galore of natural, stylish, and eco-friendly home decors that can make working from home as enjoyable as possible. From bedroom to the kitchen, our selection of essentials are guaranteed to be practical and suitable for any home that wishes to see an healthy and attractive upgrade. Click here to start browsing!

      Myths About Living Green

      Myths About Living Green

      Myths About Green Living

      The notion of green living often produce misconceptions for those who are uninformed about the lifestyle. Some of these misunderstanding include its cost and accessibility — being more expensive and hard to find, or its objective — being a movement with a goal that is too prodigious to change. The truth however, is far from such claims. Green living can be affordable, enjoyable, and impactful for those who are seeking individual change or contribute to the greater good. For those who are new to green living, here are some common myths and its truth about the lifestyle. 


      Being Eco-Friendly is Expensive 

      When we think of green living, we often think of the new items that we have to purchase and implement into our homes in order to start living green. The truth is, living environmentally-friendly can mean something as simple as switching off the lights when you walk out of your room, or taking that walk to the local grocery store instead of driving your car. These changes not only create an impact on your expenses, but also reduces the carbon footprint it has on the environment. 


      Eating Green is Expensive

      Organic food from the supermarket can carry an expensive price tag that turn people away. Instead of being restricted to getting these fresh and organic produce from a retail market, you can find the same vegetables and fruits from local farmer’s markets. Minus the added costs that come with delivery from farmers to the store, you are likely paying a much lower price at farmer’s markets for the same fresh and organic produce.


      The Changes Are Too Small To Matter

      At any time you believe your actions are too small for any impact, you are underestimating the power of the collective. Simply do a small research and you’ll find that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a global reduction in air pollution following the decrease of transportation activity. The fact is that collective effort can make a change, and whether we choose to commit to a change is what defines the outcome. 


      It Is Only About The Environment

      While living green affects the health of the environment, it also has a major impact on the well-being of humankind. Global warming is a growing issue that will make life on earth inhabitable for our future generations if we continue towards activities that increase greenhouse gases. It is an issue that affects the environment, which in turn affects the condition of us — the inhabitants of this planet. The actions we take now to reduce carbon footprint ultimately changes the way our future generations live. 


      I Have To Live Sparingly 

      You don’t have to throw away your favorite chair that’s plastic-made and replace it with a wooden one to be considered eco-friendly. The goal is not to stop living in a way that makes you happy, but rather committing to living happily in an eco-friendly manner. That means the next time before you decide to purchase a box of plastic straws for a party, choose a bamboo alternative that is safer for you and the environment. 


      Green Products Are Hard To Find

      Newcomers to green living might encounter difficulty finding the right outlets to shop for green products. Here at Nine Element, we offer home decor items that are entirely eco-friendly with materials that are commonly made with seagrass, bamboo, wood, fruit carcass, and other natural elements. These materials are made into a variety of items such as bowls, storage, planters, and a variety of home decors that elevate the atmosphere of your home at no harm done to the environment. If you are looking to get into green living, we are here to help you begin the journey to a better lifestyle. 

      A Green Way to Enjoy Coffee

      A Green Way to Enjoy Coffee

      A Green Way to Enjoy Coffee

      Coffee is a drink that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Thanks to the near endless variety of beans and roasting methods, many brands and baristas are able to expend their creativity to give coffee enthusiasts a taste of many different kinds of coffee. 

      For the average coffee drinker, chain coffeehouses like Starbucks or Peet’s are routine spots for a daily fix of caffeine. These companies serve great coffee and are taking gradual initiatives promote fair trade with suppliers and to go green with the resources that they use. 

      If you’re someone who likes to make their own coffee at home for the perfect cup or to save money, here are some tips to do so in the most eco-friendly way.


      Use Reusable Filters 

      Whenever you make coffee at home, the ground coffee will require a coffee filter. Not all of these filters are biodegradable and are usually one-time use, so your best bet is to buy filters that are reusable so that you don’t contribute to waste each time you want to enjoy a cup of coffee. 


      BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup)

      There are some people who like the coffeehouse experience at home and will buy plastic or paper cups with a lid to enjoy the coffee they make at home. Don’t do that. Get an insulated coffee tumbler to store your fresh coffee, and even bring it on days where you do actually go to a coffee shop to get coffee to avoid using disposable cups. 


      Use Reusable Utensils 

      When you drink coffee, it is likely that you will use a stir stick or straw to do some mixing. Instead of using a disposable one, use a reusable and eco-friendly alternative so that nothing goes to waste like it would for the usual one-time use options. This straw here is a good alternative that is made with biodegradable bamboo and is stylish when you're on-the-go. 


      Sugar and Creamer Storage

      If you’re someone that enjoys coffee with creamer and sugar, get a larger and reusable container to store them. Individual packets of sugar and creamer cups are usually made with plastic or paper with plastic lining, making it a non-sustainable option for avid coffee drinkers. 


      Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified 

      Doing your part to protect the natural world by going green is a big win for yourself and for the cause. If you wish to take it even further, buying coffee beans from Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified suppliers can help ensure that you are doing your part to protect the environment. USDA Organic ensures that the entire process from which the beans are grown to its packaging in the final step are all organic and environmentally-friendly.

      On the other hand, Fair Trade is used to protect coffee farmers by promising them a standardized pay so that they are compensated fairly and will not be exploited for their labor. 

      Now that you have a better idea of enjoying coffee in the greenest way possible, go make it happen for yourself and for the betterment of the environment!