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      A Green Way to Enjoy Coffee

      A Green Way to Enjoy Coffee

      A Green Way to Enjoy Coffee

      Coffee is a drink that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Thanks to the near endless variety of beans and roasting methods, many brands and baristas are able to expend their creativity to give coffee enthusiasts a taste of many different kinds of coffee. 

      For the average coffee drinker, chain coffeehouses like Starbucks or Peet’s are routine spots for a daily fix of caffeine. These companies serve great coffee and are taking gradual initiatives promote fair trade with suppliers and to go green with the resources that they use. 

      If you’re someone who likes to make their own coffee at home for the perfect cup or to save money, here are some tips to do so in the most eco-friendly way.


      Use Reusable Filters 

      Whenever you make coffee at home, the ground coffee will require a coffee filter. Not all of these filters are biodegradable and are usually one-time use, so your best bet is to buy filters that are reusable so that you don’t contribute to waste each time you want to enjoy a cup of coffee. 


      BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup)

      There are some people who like the coffeehouse experience at home and will buy plastic or paper cups with a lid to enjoy the coffee they make at home. Don’t do that. Get an insulated coffee tumbler to store your fresh coffee, and even bring it on days where you do actually go to a coffee shop to get coffee to avoid using disposable cups. 


      Use Reusable Utensils 

      When you drink coffee, it is likely that you will use a stir stick or straw to do some mixing. Instead of using a disposable one, use a reusable and eco-friendly alternative so that nothing goes to waste like it would for the usual one-time use options. This straw here is a good alternative that is made with biodegradable bamboo and is stylish when you're on-the-go. 


      Sugar and Creamer Storage

      If you’re someone that enjoys coffee with creamer and sugar, get a larger and reusable container to store them. Individual packets of sugar and creamer cups are usually made with plastic or paper with plastic lining, making it a non-sustainable option for avid coffee drinkers. 


      Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified 

      Doing your part to protect the natural world by going green is a big win for yourself and for the cause. If you wish to take it even further, buying coffee beans from Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified suppliers can help ensure that you are doing your part to protect the environment. USDA Organic ensures that the entire process from which the beans are grown to its packaging in the final step are all organic and environmentally-friendly.

      On the other hand, Fair Trade is used to protect coffee farmers by promising them a standardized pay so that they are compensated fairly and will not be exploited for their labor. 

      Now that you have a better idea of enjoying coffee in the greenest way possible, go make it happen for yourself and for the betterment of the environment!